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Made in UK
Anti Bacteria
Hand Protection

transform your home with inspiring home improvement solution

Who needs a dishwasher when you can have DISHMATIC

Save water, save dish washing liquid, save time—and do more efficient housework and spend more quality with your loved ones.


You'll be amazed at how quickly you'll get through your loads of dishes without breaking a sweat and getting your hands dirty!

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Common Dishwashing Problems

skin irritation

too greasy to touch

Traditional Sponge

multiple tools

skin contact

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abrasive foaming mixture

excessive use of washing liquid



2-in-1 cleaning brush


grease and foam

Traditional dishwashing require multiple cleaning tools

(i.e. sponge, dishwashing liquid bottle, gloves), 

our hands are easily irritated via direct contact with abrasive soap and greasy food waste. 

DISHMATIC is your best helper, it makes dishwashing more efficient and offer the best protection to your hands.

Direct Comparison

According to the Bonn Institute in Germany, most families spent an average of 45 minutes a day at the kitchen sink across all their meals. The uncontrolled and excessive use of dishwashing liquid has resulted excessive forming of soap bubbles and require longer time to clean and rinse.

DISHMATIC -Integrated sponge & liquid dispenser:

Preloaded dishwashing liquid serves up to roughly 15 washes. Dishwashing liquid will be released with a gentle press in the water without the need to constantly add dish washing liquid, 3 times more efficient than traditional dishwashing!


minimize dishwashing liquid use + water & time savings= saving more Money 💰💰💰!

Design Feature


Easy to use

hold & press down wetted sponge, dishwashing liquid will be released until foamed.