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Ceiling Batten
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Ceiling Batten is a quality product that benefits from a combination of high strength and rigidity with low weight and cost. It is compatible with all major domestic ceiling boards, which makes the Ceiling Batten an economical, easy to use and versatile system.

Due to their steel construction, Ceiling Battens will help control timber rafter movement, which will assist in preventing the plasterboard ceiling from cracking in the future. Ceiling Battens are manufactured from high-tensile zinc/alum steel that delivers superior strength and durability.

  • High strength and light weight
  • Won't shrink warp, twist or burn
  • Compatible with all popular domestic ceiling plasterboards
  • A textured surface makes installation easy when locating and screwing plasterboard fixings
  • The return edge is folded back on itself, providing a safe edge and a rigid profile

Available Types (Normal/ Tinted):

Dimension: Approx:

(1) 121mm X 0.42mm x 6 meter (L) (Normal)

(2) 121mm X 0.42mm x 6 meter (L) (Tinted)